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Welcome to Ludus Apparel: Where Our Story Unfolds Stitch by Stitch

In the heart of London beats the workshop of Ludus Apparel, a small yet dedicated team passionate about the art of crafting custom apparel. We take pride in our roots as a local business, committed to providing for our global customers. 

Crafting Excellence

Nestled in the center of London, our workshop is where every product comes to life through a fusion of creativity, precision and genuine love for what we do. With in-house production, each item is meticulously crafted under our watchful eyes, ensuring unparalleled quality.

Global Reach, Local Touch

Ludus Apparel products travel across the globe, reaching sports teams and independent businesses far and wide. Customisation isn’t just a service - it’s our identity. Our pride lies in bespoke embroidery and print services, turning every piece into a canvas for your unique story. While our roots are in London, our creations know no bounds.

Outfitting TeamS and Businesses

Specialising in supplying uniforms to sports teams and independent businesses, we understand the importance of identity. Ludus Apparel goes beyond providing clothing, we help you stand out and forge a lasting impression on your community.

Join us in celebrating the art of personalised expression, where every Ludus Apparel product is a testament to craftsmanship, passion, and authenticity. 

Your team, your style, our expertise. 

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